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1. Clarity of Vision

When the entrepreneur or creator can become clear on the vision they have for what they are inspired to create, they will instantly begin to shift their reality towards a greater purpose and awareness. This awareness shift is created by clarity around your vision. When you begin to see how your life will look when you are living at your highest purpose and highest potential, you can step into that power easier each day. Also, when creating this vision, detail can help with creating clarity.

2. Confront Any Fears Revolving around Your Vision

Many times, when people begin to envision the possibilities they wish to unfold within their own lives and business, the fear of growth and expansion can arise. When faced with this fear, you can either choose to go towards that fear and overcome it or you can choose to go back to the previous comfort zone you were in. This choice can seem overwhelming at times, but having faith in the outcome will result in mass abundance in the experience.

3. Set Meaningful Intention

Once you are clear on your vision and released of this fear, the next step is to set a meaningful intention. Setting a powerful intention is one of the most important steps in the manifestation process. When you set the intention, the key is to completely step into the feeling of it already being created in your reality. When you visualize your intention, you begin to trigger your power to manifest. But when you can full step into the feeling of the manifestation already being real, you will create it within your reality so much quicker and easier.  You can practice stepping completely into this feeling daily by sitting in a quiet space and closing your eyes.

4. Surrender into Faith

After you have completely and fully stepped into the belief that the manifestation is already real and present within your reality, it is time for the fourth step. The fourth step all revolves around surrendering the ideas you have around how it will manifest and have faith that it will unfold the way it needs to for your highest good and learning. When you can fully allow yourself to have faith in what is to come, you can connect the present moment on a deeper level. This present moment awareness will only create more abundance into your reality at quicker speed than ever imagined. You can begin bringing this awareness into your reality right now by practicing taking deeper breaths.

5. Take Intentional Action!

The final key to truly mastering your reality and manifesting your vision as an entrepreneur is to consistently take intentional actions towards your vision. When you can become clear on the most important and necessary actions to take in your business, you will be able to create and manifest at quicker speeds than ever before. One tactic I teach all my clients is to make a list of the 3 most crucial actions for your business you can take TODAY. After you have created this list, clarify which action makes you feel the most uncomfortable. Start your day by taking that action. Taking these actions will propel you towards your vision and guide you to mastering your reality!