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Welcome to my pageI am a Marketing Entrepreneur and will be providing insight on how to further your life in both personal and professional.

I belong to a new breed of african minds who do not see “‘self ” as a word that can make us more prosperous as a continent. The notion of sharing and educational democracy should be our new motto. I do not believe in aid as it has failed Africa so far, what I believe in is Foreign Direct Investment. In order to have more FDI we need to foster a clean business environment and that starts with the way we think. Corruption, kickbacks and others shall be things of the past, red tapes and others shall be gone. Stable economies and stable political regimes go well together. It does not matter if we are democratic or not what matters for a country to emerge is stability in the political process and this brings economic growth going with what Gen. Colin Powell thought when he said “Investments hates trouble”. Empowering communities at the ground level is how we should proceed, this starts with working along with businesses that provide jobs(both direct and indirect) or small business loans to the people living in these areas.
So if you think along these lines we could be in business together, a win-win partnership provides the basis for a sustainable relationship.



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