Vision of the Future

If you analyze the history of great nations, you will come across one thing that is common in all of them and that is a leader with vision. Every nation has leaders, but the reason why the nations aren’t able to rise to excellence under their leadership is that they lack vision. Therefore, before anything, the achievement of excellence depends upon vision.

Those who have great vision are the ones that that find the motivation to struggle and ultimately their struggle comes to fruition and they enjoy the bounties of the vision they had set years ago. Besides the importance of vision in the life of a person, there are a few things that a person has to remember when creating a vision for the future. The lines below discuss the three most important things that you have to keep in mind when visualizing your future and setting a vision to achieve.

Powerful Language:

This might seem something new to you, but the language in which you write your vision has a great impact on keeping you motivated towards your vision. For instance, you can have a vision of moving up the career ladder and put it down to paper in something like ‘I want to reach a higher position in my professional career’. There is nothing wrong with such vision and it is a valid vision for most of us, however, if you use a slightly different language, your vision won’t seem so dull to you and reading it will give you the push you require to keep on pursuing your vision. For instance, instead of the vague goal statement, if you could write on your vision pad something like ‘I will succeed in my business and I will have an authority that comes with the most respect and reverence from the subordinates and colleagues whilst enjoying a high level of integrity”, then you surely are to stay motivated and will ensure continuous exertion of efforts to achieve your respective goal.

Live In The Future:

A mistake made by most of us pertaining to setting vision for the future is that we see the vision in such a way that sometimes it looks like a dream. It is a common practice when crating a vision people start visualizing the future in a way that they themselves don’t believe that they are capable of experiencing such a future. Therefore, such visions seem unbelievable to the people who create them and after sometime eventually they quit pursuing their vision. On the other hand, if all your imagination is in a way that it seems to you that you are experiencing at the time of visualizing then that feeling of experiencing your future is the flame that always keeps burning inside you and keeps you motivated to the goal. This taste of experienced future will not let you slow down or divert from the path that leads to the envisioned future. Hence, when setting a goal do it in the present tense as if it already happened and immerse yourself while you are putting your vision on paper.

Emphasize on Positive Images Only:

Another mistake which most of us make when creating a vision for the future is that we bring the negative images along with the positive images, which distracts you from the results you desire. Therefore, when creating a vision, you must only focus on the positive images and there is no need of including the negative images which you don’t want to have in your vision. The fuller of positive images is your vision, the more would you find it appealing and continue with your journey towards it.

Now it’s Your Turn!

What vision do you have of your future? How does your envisioning process begin? What to you is most important for a good vision? I look forward to reading your comments