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Have you ever gone into a supermarket to buy something for which you had no use? Or have you ever heard anyone selling a product that has no use? The answers to these questions seem obvious, but are they? They sound like plain questions, but have you ever taken time to ask yourself these questions as they relate to your life?

The ship’s purpose is to sail, the plant’s purpose is to flourish, blossom and grow, the river’s purpose is to flow, and the fish’s purpose is to swim, always against the current. Most things are defined by what they are meant to do. Imagine if a river stopped flowing, a fish refused to swim, a ship stayed in the harbor… Would they be useful anymore? Purpose defines usefulness;

Of even deeper truth is the contention that in purpose, individuality is harbored and nurtured…a fish would never live a life of a plant neither could the vice versa be fathomable. It is impossible to live a fulfilled life when you are living someone else’s life. Take your place as God ordained and planned for your life.

You are ordained for success and great feats. You are uniquely designed for a greater purpose in God’s plan. But until you decide to live like the King that you are, you will continue to feel undervalued and unfulfilled and like the slave you are not. If you are not clear with what you want your life to unfold into, your  aspirations remain painful wishes for which regret may haunt you at the end of the race…Do yourself the favor of living your life by design and not by default…