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The beauty that this smile exhumes is priceless

I know that this is such a bold and daring statement to make but I tend to think that poor people seem happier than those who are deemed to have everything any living person would ever desire. In essence, those who seem to have it all appear less content and unhappy than those who

barely survive through life.  Perhaps you can also pick this from the irony in Matthew 5:3, why would the poor in spirit inherit the kingdom of Heaven?


But again why would they seem happier? The answer is Gratitude, perhaps resulting from their lack. To them, because they often go by without any meal, to have a meal is a blessing. They seem to be so grateful just to wake up, to have their job, to have their families, to have a land to farm on, to have friends, to eat and be able to go to sleep peacefully. They seem to show contentment for the very little things that most privileged people seem to take for granted. To them, everything they own is a blessing.

Have you ever had a long and hot day without coming by some good chilled water? And then you finally find it… you feel so grateful and it’s an amazing feeling, one that brings contentment.

To me nothing brings abundance and attracts beauty in our lives like being Grateful. Gratitude is the attitude. So the next time you want to complain about your choices, remember that someone has none.