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“If you had done things differently, then it would not be you. It would be someone else looking back into the past and asking a set of different questions.  May be sometimes there are no choices in life, only a straight line. The realisation comes after something is done. When you start asking why did it happen? And what if?”

Everything happens for a purpose. Even a bad event may end up into something good. Who is ever sure of the outcome of the choices they make? Every choice or decision is out of hope. When life hands you a surprise don’t hand it back. Who passes through life surprise free? People who succeed in life are those who move on, leaving their mistakes behind only looking back to learn from them. A mistake on the right track is not a mistake but progress.  It is only the power to move forward that makes us reach our destiny.

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes we fail to blossom to full potential because we faltered and succumbed to challenges along our way. We should not expect our life to success to be smooth all the way; we have to struggle to harvest all the glory. Victors only become victors after overcoming their challenges; otherwise they wouldn’t be called such.

The only positive thing we get from the past is a lesson. No one has control over the past, so it is only there to learn from. The past is nothing but the past and it will ever be that. We should never allow ourselves to build our lives on our negative past; instead, we should build our life based on our positive past. The past should be used as a supporting element of the future. By learning from the past we can make the past the foundation on which to start our successful life.

The past should not overwhelm us. Regrets are all that it can offer us. However, through trial and error we gain knowledge which we then apply in life in a proper way. As a matter of fact, experience owes a lot, if not everything, to the past.

We shouldn’t be found in the past because those who do have no future. Once you move forward you cannot move back. Prepare to learn and erase your past.