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“Laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you. Live life so well that even death loves to see you live! Fight so hard that even fate accepts defeat!” – Anonymous

Nobody knows the above profound truth like the successful people do; they have come to understand that fortune favors the brave and that decisiveness makes life give in to your desires. The super successful have a proactive instead of a reactive approach towards life.

As I have often reiterated; the real question of life IS NOT whether you are going to be beaten up, trampled down, spiritually crushed, betrayed by friends, and/or disappointed. The real question is have you garnered enough courage to face your fears, overcome the storms of life and walk head high when all hell is breaking loose and everything about you is swaying?

Bottom – Line: Decide to do something to make conditions favor you: after acceptance of personal responsibility, this move will help you remove the negativity within & self-pity, in turn invoking strength of purpose.

Just because you fell doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. Its okay to fall but don’t stay down. Plan your bounce back and adopt a positive attitude. With a positive attitude, your challenges will take the place of opportunity & momentary setbacks will reveal the virtue that lies within you.