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The question of life is not whether there will be sad songs, but whether you are prepared to dance even when the music changes in wait of your favorite song. It is not whether you shall fall down but whether you shall raise yourself and soldier on.

“It is genius to see a hope in your dark days” (Edson Chilala)

If ever you find yourself in a challenging situation/circumstance remind yourself that Life is like a school where our circumstances are exams that must be passed for us to go to another level of progress. They are not meant to take you to a lower level but to a higher one; because with every great task comes a great responsibility. For instance, without your high school exams you would hardly have any capacity to handle university/college exams. Therefore, be comforted to learn that your current conditions/circumstances, no matter how harsh, are but a preparation for your blessings. Hum a new song today in the knowledge that;

Every difficulty has a seed of opportunity.

Every setback has a comeback.

Every end of the road signals the start of another.

Every casting down contains an uplifting.

Every dark night presents a hope for day light.

Every sunset gives way to sunrise.

Your circumstances are but an opportunity in disguise. They are an opportunity beckoning your preparation to handle it. A blessing in unprepared hands may turn out to be a curse just like a gun in the hands of a child can be dangerous but useful in the hands of a prepared hunter.

Give thanks in all things to He that redeems us and renews our strength to face each challenge with great expectation of being qualified and promoted.

Believe. Dare and Blossom.

Great Believers are Great Achievers