Common of all characteristics of Achievers is unarguably their ability to leverage momentary setbacks in a way that propels them to a deeper determination, unwavering perseverance and a stubborn persistence;

  • Thomas Edison failed in his attempt to create a workable light bulb 10,000 times before creating one that finally worked.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio (paralytic illness) at age 39 but went on, about 12 years later, to become the only American president elected to more than two terms.
  • Admiral Robert Peary attempted to reach the North Pole 7 times before he succeeded.
  • Helen Keller overcame her condition to become the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Bottom-line: Current conditions reveal our past not our future, they only tell us where we’ve been not where God is about to take us.

That understood, every Achiever must;

  1. Accept Personal responsibility: this does not mean accepting the blame for the things anyone or yourself may have, intentionally or unconsciously, caused you! It means that you must resolve to NOT let your past failures/ frustrations hold your bright & potentially promising future. It means to decide that whoever or whatever held you in the past has no power over your future. It means to accept your situation and do something about it.

Regardless of the “Why” something has happened to you, you are already in the mess and it won’t change, unless you decide to clean it up and start anew, you’ll be stuck right where you are in the mess. Remember! God never performs great feats in your past.  The future is brighter than you can ever imagine.

Whatever your mess, may God help you get out it with a positive attitude – that of a victor not a victim.

Heaven beam on you.