We delve in to focusing on the big picture today because of the insurmountable challenges that may want to overshadow our faith, Hope and drive for achievement.

The fact that you have decided to shun a life of mediocrity may sometimes imply the simple logic of “high returns come along with high risk”. The journey may not be easy; of course nobody said it’d easy because we would have given up already, the challenges may leave battered but the rewards are greater than the process may seem to us.

The desire to greatness may be challenging, that’s for the simple reason that nothing worth lauding for comes on a silver platter…Lets learn to pick our battles carefully, lets us keep the hope for the future, for if Joseph was told that he would be sold by his own brothers, he would denied to go through all that to become Prime minister in a foreign land.

Keep on Focusing on the Big picture because that’s all that matters. God bless your endeavors,