It almost seems like a rule of thumb that precious things are never found on the surface. Pearls are hidden in hard covered Oysters (research indicates that in a harvest of three tons of oysters, only three to four oysters produce perfect pearls); Gold is mined from under deep ground and purified by very high, excruciating temperatures before it can become highly valuable, admirable and glow.

Humans are not any different; we must mine deep within for that which God has deposited in us. We must connect to the Source – God, and unravel our purpose.

The temptation for most of us is often to look outside ourselves for completeness, happiness, joy without having looked within. Ordinarily, this search for happiness from external sources is futile. It is never in cars, wealthy, women, wine, accolades, money, houses, nor academic excellence. It is within and must be tapped and mined, and often must undergo extreme trials and tempests before the glory can manifest. As someone put it, “Success is spelt as W…O…R…K”, we must work hard to develop the talent within, instead of wasting time chasing profane and vain material wants.

Of course that doesn’t mean we should never want the fine things of life because they are a means to a greater good – helping others. Material and external things should never be the end but means to the end; the vice versa may result in no fulfillment, no love, unhappiness, no friends…and what is success without these?

Bottom-line! Embrace your moments of trouble and let them reveal the gold within you. Remember! Even the Bible never promises Heaven on Earth, but it does assure us that His grace is always sufficient and we are never forsaken, but aided to make it through the rainy days. Heaven Smile on you.