Few statements are as true as “We become the books and the people we associate with”. Yet most of us never take the time to reflect on how our company – the people we are surrounding ourselves with and spend most of the time with, are affecting our deep and inner aspirations for a meaningful life.

How will your dreams survive if the people you keep close to you are the first to shoot them down even before you attempt them? You need company that will nurture and positively help you to achieve your plans and goals. Ironically, most people make the resolutions to do better, yet never invest in relationships and associates who will provide the leap from where they currently are to where they desire to be.

In essence, most people go to Duck School to learn how to fly, even though knowing too well that ducks never fly and will never teach them how to fly. If you want to learn how to fly, find the eagles to teach you! As the second half of the year begins to gain momentum, it is imperative that you take time to review how your friendships are helping you to move to your next level of brilliance and excellence.

There’s nothing new to learn from friendships that don’t encourage you to be at your best. There’s no help associating with people who think the rich are greedy when you aspire to wealth. You’ll not find motivation to entrepreneurship if you are keeping company that thinks business is for crooks. In short, you need to find like minds to challenge, push and inspire you to aspire to great heights not mediocrity. The mediocre minds will not aid your brilliance and excellence to the next level.