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“To see victory only when it is within the ken of the common herd is not the acme of excellence.” – The Art of War.

I don’t know about you, but I find laughable goals interesting. By laughable I mean goals that if stated, others would laugh at them saying “That’s impossible.” Somehow it is kind of fun to commit to pursuing the ‘impossible’ and make it against all critics. The stretch to pursue what others consider impossible results in amazing results.

Case in Point: Being a fun of Public Speaking and debates, I remember one so called ‘seasoned’ orator, telling me that it wasn’t possible to succeed in a contest where we had to prepare for 10 out of the possible 20 motions, prepare for both sides – the negative and affirmative, only to know your side and opponent 15 minutes before shooting for the TV episode… Was he wrong? You’d bet he was and we had fun pursuing and claiming what was in his opinion ‘Impossible’.

Bottom-line: All greatness is a result of stretching beyond the ordinary, achievable and the common.  It is not too late to set better goals – goals that will stretch you more than you ever been stretched in the first half of the year.

The excitement that results from achievement of what was before attempting impossible to others, is incomparable! And as Walt Disney echoes, “It is kind of fun to do the impossible.” But also be careful not to blindly pursue goals beyond your capacity, skills, commitment and beyond reasonable times.