There are often utterances that to be successful one must be able to take risks and be ambitious enough to pursue daring goals.  True. But what precedes the decision to even take the risk itself? Is it a thorough understanding of risk? I’d bet not, since you first have to identify the risk before you can even begin to think of doing a cost benefit analysis to thoroughly understand it. What then comes first before all this risk taking?

It is the faith that even after all is carefully thought through and planned; things will work out for the better. It is this faith that keeps them looking up even when all about them is breaking loose. It is what keeps them chasing their dreams when everyone around them is telling them that “it won’t work”. Thisfaith is what keeps the entrepreneur to keep knocking on the doors of venture capitalists and financiers, even when the so called experts think that their business models are a flop and can’t make money.

Faith is the primary trait that defines every successful risk taker. The risks they take are founded on a faith stronger than the opposing voices and the harsh critics.

So, whatever your aspirations for the remaining months, take the step of faith to make that carefully analyzed and thoughtful risk knowing that there’s nothing perfect in this world but FAITH works miracles beyond understanding. Faith turned 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread into food able to feed 5000 men excluding women and children with 12 full baskets remaining. It is Faith that walked on water without any doubt of sinking.

Never doubt. Believe. Dare your odds with a set out plan to achieve your dreams before the year ends