These must be thought provoking questions ah?

Most of us have been kind to others because we know that in a way they’ll be kind to us…Right? This means that you have only been kind to Friends and people you think will help you ah? And by the way, how would you know if you met a stranger today that they’ll later help you? I think that you never who comes to your aid years down the line anyway, why not be kind without any expectations, that way you would help anyone and be kind to anyone regardless of their stature….

When you are kind to people that are close enough to pay you back and do you the favour in return, you are receiving your rewards there and then…The moment they do the favour to you in return, you have been paid back right? No need to thank God (pray) you made their lives easy (They’ve paid you back)…it reminds me of the Bible story that I was naked and you clothed me, I was hungry and you fed me… I guess the good hearted were startled at the remarks because they didn’t expect a pay or favor in return ah? … Because if they did, they would not have helped anybody, their kindness was out of being compelled to be kind (regardless)…they did not expect anything in return…but hey, that’s where the Mystery unfolds…When you are kind to someone (anyone- whether worthy or not), you may never know  what seed you are sowing…the difference   is that you are not expecting something …You owe your kindness to all men and women, poor or rich, black or white, friend or enemy…the list is endless.

Continue being Kind. They may not pay you back but somebody may be watching over you, somebody may be praying for your greatness.

You are blessed to be a blessing! Keep on keeping on.