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Dear friends and colleagues,

What would be your decision if you had to undergo an operation and you are told that it’ll be done by a 41% competent surgeon? Would you go ahead? Or would resort to a much more competent surgeon?

Regardless of your response, one thing that’s for sure is that you’d most definitely resist the surgery because the man to work on it is incompetent, if you chose to, it’d be with misgivings! Another wise put it as “to appreciate the magnificence of the mountain, one must first know the deepest of valleys”…

Most of the challenges we face are a step towards increasing our competence of handling life’s challenges. The way you feel about an incompetent surgeon, is the same way responsibilities dodge us because they feel we are not yet ripe enough to handle our success or greatness, the more reason we have to face the builders of character_ challenges, to acquire a level of responsibility and greatness from life’s self-sieving process.

It’s a process that will help improve your value in life…imagine how much gold would be sold for if it’s impure and look at the price after much burning in the furnace…we may not go through the actual furnace, but we’ve got our own furnaces anyway…lets learn to appreciate them and embrace the lessons acquired from every hurdle and challenge.

God bless you & Keep on keeping on!