Among life’s challenges is how to react appropriately (keep your head) when all about you is in tatters because we all can respond exceedingly well during good times…When the world seems to have come to a standstill, when all that matters seems to be working against you, when friends have become enemies, when strangers begin to dine on your table whilst you pick the crumbs. What decision do you make? Do you give up or decide to see how things can work better? Do you sit down, cry and hope for the best or decide to confront your fears/nullifiers? Do you let others mock you at your failure, Misfortune or challenge or do you walk head held high Knowing “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”

Whatever your resolve, one thing that’s for sure is that every one of us can stand the best things in life, but those who can also stand the tough circumstances are well vested to handle life challenges with much positivity. Decide to make real Ralph Waldo Emerson’s wisdom that “When it’s dark enough you can see the stars.”

When life seems to present dark times, decide to enjoy the moment to see the brightness of the stars and be motivated to mimic them in your situation so that you can learn to shine in your troubled times. When Life hands you a lemon when you expected an Orange, decide to make lemonade and enjoy the drink as you overcome.

Remember, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” just like all other previous challenges that you overcame.

Keep on Keeping on. God bless all your endeavors and grant you your hearts desires.