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The Wisdom is the same since the times of Old…One step at a time

The life of greatness that you have chosen can be likened to a medieval construct (built centuries ago); ancient but presenting modernly relevant lessons for those in pursuit of Greatness due to the fact that to reach its top and enjoy the view, you will have to patiently take one step at a time as it has no modern gateways like escalators and elevators to reach it. In short and essence, there are no classed privileges nor faster methods of getting to the top, but the beauty is that the higher you go, the less room there is for a crowd and hence less traffic.

The indication of this is that there is no royal road to greatness nor is there an elevator to get to where we plan to be in Life, we must take all the available steps, whether royal or servant, We all have to climb each stair to reach the top of this medieval construct (called Success) to enjoy the view.

Others may argue that some are more privileged as a result of their background, but the truth is that personal development or greatness like salvation is in legal terms not transferable. Not all developed and/or great men have developed children, they may leave the paternal heritage of estates to them, but that does not amount to anything if their children do not make use of these resources to better themselves. It gives not much indication of a smoother or easier route.

They may have the resources but may still not use them as much as you would use your few privileges such as time, effort, skill intellect, art etc. If you still think twice, look at Africa’s mess with all the resources (subject to debate though)…

It may be a painstaking experience, but the view at the top is worth the effort and try. Take the first step and never give up the hope, for in small strides kilometers are travelled.

Never give up now and never give up ever, keep taking the stairway! Keep on keeping on.