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A wrong path can never lead to the right destination…

We must set out in the right direction and No matter how hard you work on a wrong project or in a wrong direction or how well you read wrong material for an exam, you can never get the right results. It is, therefore, critical to start by setting out in the right direction.

The prudent sailor prepares for his journey on the sea and determines his destination before the rising of the storms, so that no  matter how hard they beat, he can still keep the focus and find his way. In like manner, You need to set the course of the year right now, because an unknown destination can never be reached neither can one get what they cannot define…

Time unlike money cannot be spent in advance, right now 2012 is all ours and un-tempered with. It’s up to us to mess it up or make the best of it. It’s like a clean sheet of paper with so much to be written and drawn on and we hold the pencil to decide what painting/message to put on it. Set out exactly what it is that you want to achieve either in form of resolutions (for those that make them) or in form of a clarified picture of the direction you want your life to take.

Begin with the end in mind. It will clarify your resolve and complement your efforts to achieve. Remember that to he who knows not what they desire of anything is good to go and any road will take them there.

Stop defining what you don’t want, define what you want! Live by design & not by default.