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Tomorrow ushers towards the end of the week. It must be your desire to welcome it & prepare to start on a wonderful note, on the new road to many great things, only if you believe you can.

It is said, in the TAO TE CHING, that a Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.Even a painter must take time to paint before we can see clearly what is on the canvas…

Therefore you must be willing to take the first step even as you keep the end in mind, that way, you’ll always remember that falling is part of moving forward if you can lift yourself up after a fall.

Be careful not to set your targets too high and your deadlines unrealistic It can be a great source of frustration… be aware of your limits and maximize your strength. This will be critical in helping you when you face your failures and fears…when you face frustration at your first try keep trying.

Don’t despise humble beginnings for in them lies the motivation to the next one, set your targets and commit to them one day at a time and by the time the year ends, the small steps would have materialized in a milestone or perhaps a thousand miles.

As Ingvar Kamprad puts it,

“Happiness is not reaching your goal. Happiness is being on the way… We will move ahead only by constantly asking ourselves how what we are doing today can be done better tomorrow. The positive joy of discovery must be our inspiration in the future too.”

Let’s remember to live one day at a time and that success is in our everyday small steps.