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‘Open Thou Mine eyes that I may behold the wondrous things…’ is an excerpt from the psalmist in the scriptures. The inspiration for this nurture is drawn from it because, sometimes due to what life seems to present, we tend to forget to relax and appreciate the beauty around us with a heartfelt “Thank you!”.  As a negative natural tendency, we are so preoccupied with the bad things happening around us than the good things. We negligently open our eyes to the negativities of the day, week, month, year, life and decide, consciously or unconsciously, to only focus on the circumstances of the moment.

Instead of being thankful that you walked on foot to town, you choose to whine, forgetting that someone somewhere longs for that long walk but are unable to. Instead of being thankful for the not so warm beddings, you choose to fret, not cognizant of the fellow that lays his innocent body on the cold floor along the alley…we complain about a cold meal when somebody could not afford even one. You complain of having eaten only chicken for your 3 meals in the day when someone somewhere could not have any meal at all, at least not by choice.

We are very consistent and good at the arithmetic of the things we are bad at that we forget the good that we can do. We forget to count our blessings and choose to count our miseries.

Learn to count your blessings, they will remind you how much of an achiever you are, how much of the mercies the Lord has shown you in the past. However, don’t mistake this act of contentment and gratitude for a mediocre minded lifestyle. Just like you are always happy when someone is grateful at your kindness, our Provider and Lord is gladdened at our gratitude in all things (For He says, In ALL things, we must thank him)

Remember, one thing this week, despise not thy blessing at the envy of another man’s blessings for you too has much more blessings to praise God for and to be glad about. Be grateful as your soldier on the path to your greatness and achievements.

God bless the work of your hands. Keep on keeping on.