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This week’s nurture delves into making sense of what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German Writer & Polymath) may have been trying to imply when he said that, “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes”.

Most us seem blinded to what we possess and are capable of achieving (or are blessed with), we are instead led into thinking what the next person has is of more value than ours, a tendency that we must term as an unfortunate human folly.

Goethe’s statement is easy to interpret when you recollect the common historic adage that “you only miss the water when the well runs dry” which only happens as a consequence of not appreciating and guarding jealously (or with much gratitude) the water (in this case your many blessings).

This folly often times makes us to fail to be cognizant of our potential, it makes us envy a 1000 birds in the air while letting the one in the hand to suffer…it robs us of the joy to appreciate and number our blessings…it drains our energies necessary for taking opportunity when it knocks just because we think we may not be good enough (at least in our distorted opinion)…

This tendency drives us to judge our partners instead of understanding them and nurturing our relationship from a much more mutually loving perspective (instead of hoping for a perfect partner) who you are well aware may never be human (because they are angelic and no earthly good).

May the Lord open our eyes this week and the days to come that we may behold the beauty before our eyes and that we may be reminded that certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality.

Believe. Dare. Achieve. Keep on keeping on!

God bless you!