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Before possession comes action. Before action comes recognition. Before recognition must come awareness of strength, weakness, environment and purpose, among others. Without this, there is a likely failure to redeem the times and ending up picking worthless battles due to a good dose of self deception.

The plain wisdom being; to know where you must go, you must know where you are. When you do not know where you are (and who you are) even a campus is of no use to you because it can only be used with the knowledge of the initial (start) point.

This entails that to seize an opportunity you must have the capacity to recognize it as such. It is unfathomable to tap into what you are not aware of. Therefore, for us to possess any great thing/noble cause, we must be aware of our inner man and abilities.

When this is upheld, the environment may change but you’ll know that it has not robbed you of your potential.  Your harshest critics may speak but with no impact on how high you fly. When the violent storms beat on the sea, they don’t rob the sailor of his tact and skill they perfect the skill for he already knows what must done.

The unfolding of your destiny requires searching what’s deeper within, a reconciliation of reality and potential, for a man unaware of the capabilities of the fridge will leave his meat to rot because he knows not its use. Discover yourself before you seek to discover others, lest you play another man’s cast while yours remains un-played.

Believe that everything has been ordained for your good. Dare your dreams and Great things. You’ll achieve.

God bless you!