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Often times we’ve heard ourselves and others make statements such as “If only I had money, I would…” or “If only I had resources and time, I would…”  The question that strikes me and obviously many of you is; does abundance or having it all matter at all? Is your current condition a hindrance?

To help us answer resonate on this matter, we shall try to look at the case of the First aircraft to be successfully flown.

Believe. Dare. Achieve

The Wright brothers (Wilbur and Orville) had been painstakingly building an aircraft without any funding or subsidy or the newspaper men to cover their first flight… In December 1903 when Wilbur made the first flight, there were only 5 men to witness, no newspaper men or any other jubilating support. But that did not stop them; they had enough drive and an unstoppable motivation arising out of passion for the realization of their long-held Vision (now more than a reality that we even take it for granted).

On the other hand, Samuel Pierpont Langley (astronomer, physicist) received a War Department grant of $50,000 and $20,000 from the Smithsonian to develop a piloted airplane. This allowed him to hire even the best manpower and obviously would have earned him the publicity the Wright brothers did not get…

Am sure we all know who succeeded after all is said and done… If you live in abundance, May God grant you the wisdom to recognize your privileged situation to achieve your goals and destiny…If your condition is a challenging one (like that of the Wright brothers) stop whining and fretting, begin to use your abilities, drive and potential to achieve.

May God bless the work of your hands as you dare your dreams, visions, hopes, plans and beliefs…

Believe. Dare. Achieve.  And keep on keeping on!

God bless you!