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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

By now you must have realized that a painless Camelot is an utopian construct; it does not exist and neither will it ever exist. You must also have realized that challenges are part of the game and eliminating them (If ever it’s possible) only removes the thrill of the game. Perhaps it is the more reason the old African wisdom echoed the reality that “Smooth seas never made skillful sailors”.

With this realisation, our preoccupation then should no longer be about whether we shall fail and/or encounter challenges on the way to us achieving that which God has ordained us to be but must be focused on how we shall choose to interpret such shifts and/or unexpected turns on the way.

Scripture takes account of this truth by recognizing that a righteous man shall fall seven times (Note that even though he may fall, he is still regarded as a righteous man)…However, it must also be worth noting that his righteousness is only vindicated if he rises above the fall, entailing that if he does not rise, he loses his virtue (ceases to be a righteous man) and conforms to failure.

This reminds us that our shame is not the fall, failure, challenge that confronts us that matters but how we choose to react to the circumstance it.

Better days are yours when you choose and act

When a momentary setback comes, remember that it’s up to you to maintain a beautiful and positive disposition…The choice is yours, whether to regard it as a pulpit of praise or as a prison of defeat and hopelessness…bearing in mind that “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair, Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed”…

Remember this week to stop worrying and start living while you open your eyes to see the opportunity that has been disguised in your present troubles.

Believe that everything has been ordained for your good. Dare your dreams and Great things.  You’ll Achieve.

Believe. Dare. Achieve.  Keep on keeping on!

God bless you!