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Life is like a mosaic artwork where we all paint a picture of our lives through the things we go through and experience. For those, unfamiliar with art, a mosaic is a picture or design made with small pieces of material (consisting of a number of things of different types, forms, and/ or colors) stuck onto a surface. Its beauty depends on the effort it is given by an artist who has to painstakingly stick each piece onto the surface until the picture attains a more complete look.

It’s the small pieces that make such a mosaic picture complete

Every artist knows that it’d be premature to judge his mosaic just after adding a few pieces and also that It’d be boring and valueless to add one form or color, so he takes his time and varies his materials till his picture takes form…

Man above all forms of life and its existence has been endowed with the greatness to be what he chooses to be in tandem with God’s ordained destiny. This path often entails making decisions about various things and in various circumstances.

Our lesson, as we make these decisions, is to remember that we are artists on a Journey; our lives are the canvas or board on which we stick these pieces, while our experiences are the pieces that will make the picture clearer and beautiful. If this picture must be interesting enough, the experiences must take many forms, shapes, types and colors but through all the challenges, opportunities, sorrows, triumphs, temporary setbacks, let us know that the purpose is to add to our beauty and that the Lord shall deliver us from them. The scripture, in saying that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, remind us there are no failures in life, only those who give up to soon.

In the wise words of Herodotus, “some men give up their designs when they have almost reached their goal, while others obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than ever before.”

Never give up your design. The pieces will soon fall in place and you shall realize what a great picture of your life you would have lost had you given up.

Believe that everything has been ordained for your good. Dare your dreams and Great things. You’ll Achieve.

God bless you!