Not as bad as your harshest critics and not as strong as your admiration.

Give no one permission to disqualify you from your portion in the greater purpose and destiny. May you live  your Life with the remembrance that a ‘critic is a dreamer gone scared’ Do not let them scare away your hopes and aspirations for a better path than theirs, play your cast diligently because the Almighty God saw it fit that you take it up. Leave not your responsibilities to live your life in anybody’s hand. They’ll deviate you from your ordained Destiny.

Keep on keeping on.

Continue to believe the mediocre’s unimaginable Visions and dreams. Dare greatly and mightily like David did to Goliath. You’ll achieve it, because all has been ordained to prosper you and not to disadvantage you.

Continue to shine even brighter no matter your situation, circumstance or condition.