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“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are”

All of us  have the potential necessary to catapult into what we were ordained to be, but we choose not to take that path because of mainly negative self-perception and the tendency to think lowly of ourselves whilst thinking very highly of every other person around us.

This is what most psychologists have perhaps come to refer to as ‘Inferiority Complex’, very few people choose the ‘superiority complex’, although most can’t tell between swaggering and boastful attitudes and the Superiority complex.

Adopted from David Schwartz’s “The Magic of Thinking Big” , CQ is Confidence Quotient, the level of confidence that you portray as a result of an inner strength of purpose.

He identifies four factors as the best way to improve your CQ:

  1. Be a front seater: wonder why most back seats fill up quickly? its a tendency to dodge being engaged and identified, but its a great confidence booster
  2. Practice making eye contact: it tells others that you are honest, above board and confident about what you say & do.
  3. Walk 25% faster than most folks: body action communicates mind action. its a symbol of super confidence to walk head held high with a brisk pace to your movements.
  4. Practice speaking up and take every opportunity to communicate your ideas. It helps you become a functional force and boosts your confidence.

To that list, i would add a great facial expression (smile :) ) and a bold hand-shake (but not too strong to topple the receiver :D )

Go on and improve your confidence quotient it will help to believe more and dare more, which will ultimately push you to achieve more,