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Within us are the seeds of triumph or defeat. Which seeds will you plant?

Nature always never runs short of the classic examples of the process of giving new life. A mother must carry a pregnancy for 9 months before indulging in the joy and glow that comes with holding her child. Every farmer knows that eating a cob of maize instead of planting it plunges him into untold hunger and lack.

Unfortunately, in a world that celebrates outside and momentary success; we have seemed to be carried away forgetting the need to plant a seed and develop our inner man.  We have seemed to forget that we must forego current consumption in order to reap in tomorrow’s harvest. We have forgotten to lead lifestyles that lead to who we desire to become as opposed to lifestyles of animal indulgencies that seem to shatter the very life and hope from the seed we must sow today.

In the words of Jim Rohn: Do not pause too long to soak in the aroma of the blossoming flowers, lest you awaken to find springtime gone with your seed still in your sack. If you desire to become a business person/investor spend money (seed) into something no matter how small, if you want to become a great athlete begin to invest time (seed) into practice, If you want to become a leader commit some effort (seed) to nurturing potential and necessary skills…

Whatever your aspirations and Hopes, You must plant the seed now and remember the timeless wisdom of Sunday Sermon Masterpiece Collection, Vol. I:

When you plant a seed, you put it in the dark quiet ground and nothing happens: no violins sing, no trumpets blow, no drums roll. Nevertheless, the spark of life begins to ignite and, slowly but surely, the seed takes root and a plant pushes itself through the ground: there is a harvest!

When you turn your mind and heart to God, nothing happens—or so it seems. No heavenly choirs sing, no thunder rolls, no lightening strikes. Nevertheless, in the quietness of your prayer, the Divine Spark ignites and begins to take root in your being and, as it grows, it shows forth in your life. Something has changed. You are reaping a God-centered harvest of thought and action, different than ever before.”

God bless you!