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Often we hear the contention a man/woman cannot rise above their thoughts…But what does this really entail… It entails that every action we take, strategic or not, is first fathomed in the mind. The body never goes where the mind has not yet gone. It waits upon the commands of the mind. No wonder, the moment one feels like they are unwell, the body suddenly begins to follow suit. What was an assumed pain soon becomes a reality. This is proven clearly by the concept of a placebo, that when given to a sick person makes them soon feel better, even though without any medical or medicinal properties in it.

In the words and wisdom of Raymond Holliwell: “We cannot picture thoughts of poverty, failure, disease and doubt, and expect in return to enjoy wealth, success, health, and courage. It just can’t be done, any more than the photographer can take a beautiful picture of a homely creature.”

If we desire better circumstances, we must begin to picture better circumstances. To raise our standards, we must raise our thoughts and internal belief from which the actual course of action is drawn. Bearing in mind that the mind is the battlefield from which all battles are won and lost. An inner defeat will never manifest an outer victory and such is the nature of life.

Believe that everything has been ordained for your good. Dare your dreams and Great things. You’ll achieve.