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Our lives are premised on two operative natures (states of being) that control and determine the results we get from our actions and Life in general.

One of them is the “I can’t Nature” specialised in manufacturing reasons why you are not good enough for anything, why you are incapable, why you must not attempt to materialise your plans, why it is so scary to approach her or a customer. It produces its evidence from any negative angle possible. It justifies why you must be afraid. It trivialises the small issues and magnifies the trivial ones. It leaves you sleepless and hopeless for anything meaningful. It incapacitates your greatness and skills at the mercy of the shivers and fears it sends in your spine. It convinces of why some days are the worst days ever…

The other nature is the “I Can Nature”, whose speciality is producing the reasons why you can, why you are capable and qualified. It is an unprecedented expert at giving you the evidence of all the past triumphs and your glory days. It inspires you to count your blessings one by one in an effort to enthuse you into a serene state necessary for yet another triumph. It opens the pores of the mind whose possibilities are endless. It drops positive endorphins to excite you into daring and acting on your plans. It reminds you that the only way to dispel fear Is through action. It convinces you that you are engineered for success and endowed with greatness untold. It encourages you to tap into your dormant powers and potential….

Our lives are driven by these two natures and the influence of them depends solely on the thought pattern we have been toying with. These two natures are like muscles, the one used the most becomes stronger and overpowers the less used to dominate our lives. Those that have entertained the “I can’t nature” have made it so powerful over the “I can nature” and have reaped serious negativity towards life and others. Those with the “I can nature” have also made it so powerful that their disposition towards life has made them realise that a failure is not a call to quit but a call to try again…

The goodnews is that you have the choice to chart your nature rightly through the pain of discipline or settle for the pain of regret (the two inevitable pains depending on the path you take)…

Choose to see the roses on the thorns instead of the thorns on the roses… Life is more about the attitude than what happens to us….

Believe. Dare. Achieve.

A productive week to you all. Keep smiling :)