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The power of focus is such that WHATEVER we focus on gets so maximized to the point of clouding out all the distractions in the environment.

Various definitions of focus converge to the principle as stated in the opening statement. From a general point of view focus is concentrated effort or attention on a particular thing; in imaging it is the quality that makes an image sharply defined with clear edges and contrast.

It is worth noting that focus does not chase away the environment (distractions) it brings clarity of vision and sharpness of what we concentrate our mind, eyes, attitudes, beliefs, heart, soul, money, love, spirit etc. on.

This principle holds true regardless of the nature of what you focus on, implying that it is true for negative aspects of our lives as it true for the positive ones. The principle is true in both spiritual growth & retardation; business failures & Successes and all matters of life’s failures and achievements. A company (person) that succeeds does not at all lack the weaknesses and threats when they do their Strengths Weaknesses Threats and Opportunities (SWOT) Analysis. No. They simply use the results to focus their strengths in a way that minimizes their weaknesses or take advantage of their opportunities in a way that reduces or eliminates their threats.

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The suns rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

So, the next time you get caught in negativity, meditate on the positive aspects of your life and the negativity will slip off. When you are challenged, focus on the higher power, God, and everything will phase away as His majesty and splendor reveals the glory and greatness that He has placed in you.

Remember that to get positive results/outputs, we must focus on positive inputs (thoughts of Abundance, Grace, Peace, Love and Beauty)… You are engineered for Success! Believe it and Dare your dreams or wallow in your current conditions!

Believe. Dare. Achieve.

Great Believers are Great Achievers