On the dawn of 6th October, 2011, sad news had hit me that the Tech. Legend, PC revolutionary, innovator, business hero, creative genius, great orator and CEO- Steve Jobs (1955-2011) had lost a battle he had been fighting since 2004, to pancreatic cancer.

Of course many of us knew that Steve co-founded and was CEO of Apple computer, was CEO and owner of Pixar Animation and led & founded of Next technology; with all three companies reaching great heights in revolutionalizing our lives. However, some of us may not have awakened to the fact that Steve’s success was never all rosy nor a walk in the park. It was a journey consisting of troubles and sorrows that only persistence, determination and perseverance could overcome. Here are some of the harsh realities Steve was faced with and overcame;

  1. Put for adoption by his biological mother- then an unwed graduate student. With clear rejection because they needed a daughter not a son.
  2. At age 17, dropped out of Reed College after 6 months, because he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and how college would help him solve this predicament.
  3. Stayed in Campus for 18 months as a drop-in; sleeping on the floor in friend’s dorm rooms because he had no room, returning coke bottles for 5 cent deposits to buy his food and walked 7 miles across town every Sunday night to have one good meal at the Harry Krishna Temple.
  4. Fired from a company he founded, at which point he got even more confused with life. Headed to India on a quest to achieve clarity for his life and discover his dharma. He also joined the Zen practice.
  5. Started afresh; bought Pixar and started Next; both companies almost emptying his wealth in their early days. He moved from momentary success plunging into deeper problems.

From his Life, I learnt that;

  • Your background doesn’t determine your future, it’s the decisions you are choosing to make today.
  • Setbacks present a lesson. Problems are wrappers of opportunity. The greater the gift (opportunity), the bigger the wrapper (problem). Embrace the lessons and move on.
  • Life will press you hard. Get back up, it can’t crash your resolve to manifest God’s destiny.

Finally, like Steve Jobs (MHSRIP), endure your dark days, harsh realities, and non-value adding critics. Some day History will engrave your name on its palm and posterity will adore and crown your efforts to blossom into God’s best plan for your Life.