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Everything that ever is, happens twice; in the mind and in the material world. Whatever we see now was conceived from within before it came to real life. Even the world came out of nothing into something (Heb 11v3). Care must, therefore, be exercised at the stage of charting the course of our lives.

Before a building is erected, every detail of it is first mapped. Unless the design is complete, the building cannot be. The same is true in the art of sculpturing. A sculptor starts with a tree/rock. They begin by seeing the sculpture in the tree/tree at the back of their mind. When they see it in the mind they then chisel the tree with precision. The actual forms are chiefly a replication of the mapped (pre-fathomed) design. If the design was defective, the building (sculpture) will most likely have defects.

In our case, from our dreams, aspirations, attitudes, beliefs and thoughts stem our lives (blissful or miserable). Passion must therefore be aligned and purpose defined during our thought process. Faltering at the design stage (thoughts) means a faltered life. A defective input from the mind cannot produce perfect results. A negative dream cannot produce a positive realisation. This is purely a Bible principle, for as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

May our prayer be to harbor the most beautiful thoughts, aspirations, dreams, attitudes, beliefs etc…for a much more beautiful life…

How else do you think we can help better our circumstances? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section.

Wish you a blessed and productive week.