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“The kingdom of God cometh not with observation” – Luke 17:20b (KJV)

As matter of reality and a fact of life, spectators never receive crowns, they are reserved for participants. So, no matter how loud spectators may shout or cheer they’ll never know how it feels to be crowned.

The same is true for Life. It only rewards those that actively take part in shaping their lives through deliberately submitting them to God and leaving what is humanly possible in their hands. It is true that there so much goodness in life, as much as there is so much mediocrity, but you cannot be a part of that goodness without consciously taking part in acquiring it.

As a matter of reflection, have you realized that life is, by nature, full of mediocrity? It seems to me that mediocrity is life’s default settings; no wonder philosophy contends that we are by nature beasts, only the spirit of God within can make us aspire to our higher self…

A great life must be consciously chosen and attracted by the person you chose to become, in alignment with your God ordained purpose. In case you don’t believe me, have you observed that we plant the fruits but the thorns and weeds come without invitation (Genesis 3:18). The same is true for a good life and crowns; we must deliberately labor to achieve them.

I Refuse to be a spectator this year and I encourage everybody to not be spectators this year because there are no crowns for spectators. Design your life rather than living by default, accepting whatever trash Life and people throw on you.