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The problem human beings face is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim to low and succeed. ~ Michelangelo

The greatest of human fears is the Fear of failure and unfortunately the reason for most mediocrity in people’s lives.

Most people fear to implement plans because they may fail, so they execute plans with a defensive (fearing loss) attitude instead of an offensive (daring to win) one. The difference between embarking on a project with the hope of ‘not to fail’ and with the hope of ‘winning’ is that the latter contains optimism that has the power to change every area of your life.

At the root of the fear of failure lies the desire to avoid rejection and humiliation and protect our ‘status’ and ‘ego’. Picked from our childhood, we are afraid to leave the familiar for fear of being ridiculed by others and hence are content with mediocrity.

To justify our fears, we begin to dig and make up alibis on how others are better endowed and favored than us. Negativity results from rationalizing and justifying fears.

Leverage your achievements by developing awareness for what scares you and facing it in its eyes. Catch yourself rationalizing your fears with negative alibi’s and replace them with a sense of purpose that transcends fears and speaks to the giant within you. Consult your inner strength not your fears, because beyond your comfort zone and past your fears lies your greatest success. To achieve, you must prepare to lose sight of the shore.

You are Greater than your fears and temporary failures! Simply Believe. Act. Achieve