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A whale shark is the largest living fish; about 13.6 m in length & about 22,000 kg in weight. Given its size, just how do you eat this fish? My best & most logical guess would be cutting it into small pieces & eating the pieces one at a time…what’s yours?

And what achievement lesson could there be from how to eat a whale shark? You may ask… the term Whale shark is idiomatically used to describe the Big Dreams we have set forth and laid down or the giant steps we have now named and can call clearly … the real moral can be deciphered from the Tao Te Ching saying that:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…

That specificity is a sign of a resolved mind & beckons our dreams to realisation but the other truth is that you cannot take 1000miles step just because you are now clearer and have named your distance.

However great your aspirations/dreams/plans; professor in your field, best marketer, renowned engineer, inventor, innovator… There must be a deliberate strategy on how you are going to move towards it…

You must one day at a time labor, commit and devote your resources (time, money, skills, etc) to understand that which you desire to become good at or achieve…. Breaking down your dream into everyday tasks, will boost your motivation to achieve, sharpen your focus and give your intentions the wings to fly higher. Not doing so is wishful thinking and a good recipe for frustration.

Begin Today! Break your dreams/plans into small pieces and commit, labor and be ready to devote resources until you see its dawn…and that’s how you eat the whale shark.