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Toying with positive thoughts and ideas is an inevitable undertaking for achievers. To efficiently leverage the minds powerful thoughts and ideas, achievers think with a pen and a journal (notebook) in their hands. The best energy for the minds conception is visible plans. When plans are not written, they are fond of eluding the mind when it matters the most. Plans that are not laid are merely wishes, but when laid and given deadlines, they adopt wings that lead to their fruition.

You may be aware that the mind once stretched never regains its original position. It is constantly thinking and receiving ideas (both bad and good) from the environment. Putting down insightful thoughts and ideas allows the mind to have a start point. It enhances the mind’s ability to retain the new ideas. It allows the mind to build on (as opposed to starting from scratch) your previous ruminations (careful thoughts). The principle is similar to working on your ideas when they are fresh.

When the mind’s purpose is discovered /created, the possibilities become endless…the sky  stops being the limit and becomes the spring board from which all greatness reveals the Glory of the Creator…Embrace and guard your mind…Give your thoughts some energy by putting them on paper.  Keep a journal of ideas that you can once in a while visit/read through. You may never know what comes out of it.

The answer to your desires resides not in others or the outside world…You are it! The mind is endowed greatly to handle ALL things that seem to bother you and end your peace but you must put down your ideas on paper to allow the mind to spring.

Believe. Dare and Achieve.

Great Believers are Great Achievers