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One of the greatest of human fears is the fear of failure. In a way, we are all afraid of change and environments unfamiliar to what we are used to. We shun anything that challenges the status quo and/or puts our ego at stake. Most people understand that one can only get something when they ask for it, but in reality hardly ask for it, for fear of getting NO for an answer.

So, how does the fear of failure – unwillingness and inability to move beyond what we are used to, inhibit our ability to get the results we want as set out at the start of this year?

Fear of failure often, if not always, prevents us from trying new ventures, starting-up new things, visiting new places, adopting new habits, accepting new ideas, engaging in new activities, and charting new territories … we fear rejection and humiliation. We want better results without attempting better activities…We want to nurse our ‘ego’ at the expense of pursuing what really matters, even when that ego hinders our progress. Inevitably, the fear of failure cripples our efforts to stretch beyond the familiar things and the safety of our comfort zones into uncharted territories. Fear of Failure prevents us from achieving our goals.

If you have had a hard time keeping up with your plans for the year, in the previous half … You may want to consider stopping doing the familiar and routine things because beyond your comfort zones and past your fears lies your success. Prepare to lose sight of the shore to achieve your goals…