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“The sower may mistake and sow his peas crookedly: the peas make no mistake, but come up and show his line.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seven Months into this year 2012… Do your fruits make you happy or do they beckon you to better the methods by which you collect them? But how can you collect the right ones if what was planted was wrong? Planting peas and expecting bananas may be like expecting a cat to behave like a dog? Would that be a fair play with nature or an unfathomable expectation? The obvious response is the latter, yet so many of us forget this plain truth when it comes to defining our lives through the habits we pick…

If the first half of the year was satisfactory, then proceed but still aspire for better in the second half and if not, it is time you considered the seeds that you have been planting & how you have been nurturing them because a seed like a path must be right and nurtured right to yield the right and/or desired results 

To determine the efforts necessary to produce your desired circumstances…you may consider answering questions like:  Who do you wish to become? What must you do to become it?  How have you prepared yourself to become who you wish to become? What set of skills will you need to leverage your strengths and overcome your distractions (weaknesses)? Are you ready to commit yourself to better yourself instead of blaming others and your circumstances?

Whatever your answers to the questions; If you desire to achieve the success you set forth for yourself at the start of this year, in the second half of the year; remember to add;

  • More interest (Desire/Purpose) into the work that will lead to realisation
  • More concentration (Vision) upon the tasks (small steps/daily habits)
  • More persistence (determination/unwavering-perseverance) into your efforts

Wish you well as you dare to act on your dreams.