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The world gives you the value you have attached to yourself, regardless of whether that value is a correct or defective one. It is, therefore, critical that you perceive yourself in an achievement- supporting manner instead of acting as your own downer.

The adage ‘perception is reality’ is even truer when talking about self-worth. It is unfathomable, unheard of, and impossible for a person who perceives self as dull to act intelligent. You cannot harbor put-down thoughts and act in a courageous manner. You can never entertain disbelief and still go on to act in belief. You can only choose one and whatever you choose to see and think about your life is exactly what you get out of life.

Your perception is a blue print of your reality. Like any other blue-print, it sets the course for what becomes of the final print. Keep your perception as big, bright, positive, clear, successful, and happy as you may desire your reality to be. Put in a different way, we act according to our own expectation and judgment of our circumstances, not what the circumstances really are. No wonder two different people in the same situation are capable of making extremely opposed decisions.

Action: Never take your circumstances as gospel truth; life is an experiment and not a classroom where there is only one right answer. For a creative mind, there are a lot opportunities to craft a beautiful and brilliant perception. It is this perception that will stand as your reality. It is this perception that differentiates achievers from failures.

Have a blessed and productive week ;)