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I like to think of Life and our journey through it to our destiny as Google, if you are not sure what you are asking it, it will not give you sure answers.

Nothing solves the quagmire of failure as good as right questions because only right questions can elicit right answers.  Just like a farmer can only demand right fruits after planting right seeds, we must also begin by asking ourselves the right questions. By right questions, I refer to questions that provoke creative energy instead of negative and depressive energy.

Life as usual is not without challenges. The question, therefore, is not whether we shall face problems but how we shall move-out and snap back at the challenges in a positive and achievement-supporting way.

The mind has the capacity to serve according to what is elicited from it. Instead of asking questions like, why has this happened to me (past-looking)? Ask, how can I face this problem in a way that will help me solve it in a more productive way (forward looking)? The critical difference is that the former seeks, based on your negative past, to establish why all the bad is happening to you and in the process clouds all the beauty and blessings in your life. The latter seeks from your creative mind, based on positive belief and experience, for solutions of how to get out of the current mess.

When caught in life’s woes, always bear in mind that How (solution seeking) than Why (Blame, negative eliciting) questions are more helpful in lifting the burden and facing the challenges.

Are you using your questions to support or break you today?