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Oftentimes we have heard the adage, “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.” Could it be true? Or is it a mere exaggeration?

Well, I think that it is one of the most profound truths you can ever come across, especially where changing our lives is concerned.

The ability to crowd out all the noise around and concentrate all efforts on one thing is the commonest of traits among all world-class performers and achievers. They are obviously not good at all things and neither are all aspects of their lives perfect, but they all know too well that there is never going to be time enough for doing and focusing all energies on everything and so somehow only take one aspect to focus all efforts at.

To change your life, focus on one area of your life- Finances, Relationship, Parenting, Work, Career, Spiritual commitment, Eating habits (weight issues), Temperament, Academics, Self-discipline, Public speaking (communication skills), Time or self management; because success more often than not is steady accretion and needs backing from even small previous triumphs. The success achieved in one area of your life will encourage and inspire you for more in other areas.

Take a look at some of the most successful people around the World and see the trend of their success, you’ll be sure to realize that they are only good and renowned for one thing and it is that one thing that has crowned them as the Virtuoso of their fields.

As we draw closer to ending 2011 you will need to refocus and concentrate your energy for maximum results. Leverage your unique abilities in the field where you will shock the world with world class performance. You can never be good at everything but you can surely be great at something.

You are bigger and greater than you are currently showing the world. Give the world a chance to engrave your name on its palm and honor God by becoming more than you are today…