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What would you do to someone who’s after what you cherish? What would you do to someone who constantly puts you down? What must you do to someone jeopardizing your every effort to live successfully, happily, freely and purposefully?

Whatever your answers to these questions, is exactly what must be done to that thief in your mind that says to you: you can’t do it; you don’t have enough experience; you’ve never done it before; you are too young; you are black/white; you are too broke; your past experience is too messy; you are less intelligent; you are too uneducated for business; obviously someone already thought of this idea and it failed; you’re just but a girl/woman amidst a plethora of strong and able men…

Remember that whatever the negative voice in your mind tells you are meant to kill the seed, the promise, the dreams, potential and opportunity of a great destiny and purposeful life that lies ahead of you. Never should you heed to yours fears, instead, consult the power within.

When it speaks up next time, summon your courage, invite the strength within you. Reminisce past triumphs and not failures –unless you want to learn from them. The Thief in your mind will steal your dreams and your promise and make you less effective than you should be (paraphrased from Jim Rohn’s statement in his 2004 Weekend Leadership Event).

You must get rid of it of it before it gets rid you by having the courage to face whatever it tells you can’t be done.
Stay blessed and smiling: the glory and promise of a new week presents much opportunity and hope.