Are you a victim of negative attitudes or do you know someone who is? Have you ever heard these statements from others or yourself before;
“I am not learned enough””I have not been to business school””I am not an IT specialist””I am not as brilliant as him””I come from a poor family””No one has ever been wealthy in our family””Nobody could listen to someone as dull as me””Iam not as pretty as her”…
These and many other retrogressive alibis’ are classic examples of a mentality of failure and a fear to pursue a meaningful and purposeful Life.
Time and again, we get so preoccupied finding reasons why we can’t be successful. Why not try to establish every reason why you should/can be successful? You may lack capacity, but it matters less if you have the motivation to go for your dreams. Motivation propels you to learn and obtain capacity. There are many people who have capacity but lack motivation and have made a mess of their blessings/opportunities.
From a practical point, ask yourself what makes one discover athletic skills when pursued by a lion? Is it capacity or motivation? What makes a hungry man to devise means of getting food? Is it capacity or motivation?
Never wait for a negative experience to act on your dreams and aspirations. It may be too hard for you to bear. It may overwhelm your weak purpose and unclear vision.
Choose today to motivate yourself into working on yourself and your dreams. You are bigger and better than your weakest feelings or strongest fears. Believe your purpose. Dare your dreams. Achieve your destiny.
Heaven smile on the work of your hands.