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“No matter how hard you work on the wrong thing you will never get the right results”

Caught in routine tasks and the hustle and bustle of the day, it is easy to mistake being busy for productivity. The more reason most of us get to have holidays only to realize on the last day that we really haven’t done anything to move us closer to what’s really important. The bottom line is that you can be busy doing and achieving nothing, yet exhausting your available time on things that don’t really drive you to your most important goals.

Is your life headed in the right direction?

Both the achievers and failures have the same available hours and days in the year, but how come one achieves more than the other using the same time limits? Perhaps it’s how they choose to use their time and the life-directions they choose to take…

It is important to be clear about your destination (and of course, your direction). You must, everyday, check whether your movements are in the right direction – according to the goals you have set for yourself. Because no matter how fast you climb a fruitless tree, you simply won’t find the fruits there, so, first identify the tree with the fruits and then climb it with precision.

Power Questions!

  • What direction do I want my life take?
  • Am I doing the things that should take me closer to my desired life?
  • Why not?
  • What can I immediately work on that will take me closer to my desired life?