“Whenever you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

If ever there’s a keystone to achievement it is this: “POSITIVE EXPECTATION is the womb of ALL Achievement” – EMC ™. What a man expects of Life, himself and others, subsequently determines his focus and attitude towards life; both of which (focus + attitude), have a huge bearing on the level of success one enjoys or the level of mediocrity one suffers. If you think you are poor, then you are. Unless and until you properly condition your thoughts to the positive mindset and expect great things to happen, you will not amount to much.
It is unfathomable for one to yield positive results when they are constantly harbouring negative thoughts, as scripture points out – a man shall reap what he sows. You can’t sow crappy expectations and yield good results; it is against nature. In essence, if you want to reap positive results, tolerate only positive expectations. If you want crap, have crappy expectations.
Starting this very moment, it is critical for you to set your expectations to that of a super achiever and elite performer. Conditioning your mind to positive expectations will allow you to sieve everything else from your sight, leaving you with only those things that will move you to a whole new level of superb achievement.