If you are like most people – Including me, you probably take so much time
crafting, what is to the best of your knowledge, the ‘perfect’ plan before you
attempt something. If that’s the case, you are potentially liable for one of
the gravest mistakes in planning – falling in love with your ‘perfect plan’.

Why would this be grave? You may ask … and here is why? Plans, even though made with consideration of ‘all’ factors, are not meant to be eternally unchangeable. Considering your plan as perfect and unchangeable is inhibitive to enlightened change
should your circumstances change, and they often do. If you think your plan is
wow! You won’t be compelled to change it, even though it may not be delivering
great results. Nobody changes what they consider perfect.

By nature, plans are meant to be aids (means not ends) in charting a progressive
course. In an environment where change is the only constant thing, the greatest
characteristic of a good plan is flexibility and adaptability to changes in
external circumstances. Having reached 50% of this year, what does your
personal performance reflect? You may have set a ‘perfect’ plan, but what good
is it if cannot deliver the results?

It’s not too late to have a re-look at your plan and its ability to deliver results.
Yet again, it is time to change your ‘perfect’ plan into a workable plan.