Nothing is the best enemy of success like the strong tendency amongst people to abandon individuality for uniformity.

During our childhood, most of us are forced to be like the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. For instance, some of us that were born left handed are now full-fledged right handed (at least by constant and consistent practice) because our parents/guardians thought it awkward to be left –handed when all are right-handed. This is just one of the ordinary examples of how that life wants to make us uniform with everyone, as though we were all born to pursue the same destiny.

This habit is undoubtedly against blossoming into our best self. It is in conflict with God’s purpose for our lives. Just imagine for a minute if all body parts were hands or worse still if we just had mouths and no ears? It would be a serious display of crippled functionality, don’t you think?

Everything about our lives beckons a uniqueness of character. Our finger prints, our eyes, talents, aspirations, dreams, passions…Not even twins are exactly the same…

There can never be any success you are living another person’s life. Dump the crap of living Oprah’s, Jayz’s, Obama’s, Brian Tracy’s, Zig Ziglar’s lives, leaving yours to decay out of neglect. Personal character is not a matter of universality but individuality. Imagine what would have happened if Oprah played to be Michael Jackson and vice versa? … It is Unimaginable, right?

Don’t be held by the childhood habit of uniformity; don’t behave like everyone else because you are not them but You! Accept you and live you…That is an inevitable route to success.

You are called to a unique destiny and purpose, whatever it is embrace it with grace and blossom into greatness!