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Time and again our conventional belief of genius is being challenged by the truth that none is born advantageous and that what is called genius, is developed by devoting calculated time to developing oneself; a quest to better our abilities through a constant practice is what will differentiate us the ordinary men who instead of developing their way to destiny choose to sit in the belief that ‘luck’ favors their neighbors more or that others have it easily.

Never forget that luck is when opportunity (God’s time) meets preparation.

This is clearer in K. Anders Ericsson et al’s research on Experts, among others, contending that:

Being a leader frequently requires standing in front of your employees, your peers, or your board of directors and attempting to convince them of one thing or another, especially in times of crisis. A surprising number of executives believe that charisma is innate and cannot be learned. Yet if they were acting in a play with the help of a director and a coach, most of them would be able to come across as considerably more charismatic, especially over time.

Have you taken time to prepare for the Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Public speaking etc. challenges that lie in wait for your taking them up? or are you sitting back saying that its only for those born with it?

Start to nurture them now and in a decade, they’ll be calling you a Guru, expert or genius. Start small, start now and be consistent.

In the wisdom of David Shenk:

Like intelligence, talents are not innate gifts, but the result of a slow, invisible accretion of skills developed from the moment of conception. Everyone is born with differences and some with unique advantage for certain tasks. But no one is genetically into greatness and few are biologically restricted from attaining it.